A Star Wars Update


Stormtroopers walking through Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Photo courtesy of Gordon Tarpley on Flickr.

While Pandora is underway in Animal Kingdom, Disney’s Hollywood Studios, as well as Disneyland in Anaheim, has been undergoing it’s own major overhaul, usually referred to as Star Wars Land. To be fair, as we’re finding out now, that’s a misnomer, because it’s not just one land. It’s two brand new lands that will be Star Wars based and are set to be open in 2019.

Unfortunately, Disney is still trying to keep most of it under wraps, most likely because they aren’t fully in the place that they want to be with their construction, which is why they released a short video that shows a few unfinished buildings and a couple of very unfinished Imperial Walkers. At least, with this, guests get a bit of an idea of what they might be seeing in 2019. At the very least, they know that they will see Imperial Walkers.

Disney Parks Blog released that video, along with a deeper description of what we’ll be seeing in the parks. First off, the lands will be on a same planet, which is a never before seen planet. The two major rides will be one in which the guests pilot the Millennium Falcon and then another one which will put guests in the middle of battle between the Resistance and the First Order (which sounds to me a little like “Star Tours: the Adventure Continues” but whatever).


C-3PO inside “Star Tours: The Adventure Continues.” Photo courtesy of Ken Lund on Flickr.

Other than the rides, the lands will feature an as-of-yet unnamed restaurant and the famous “Star Wars” cantina.  Since it’s Disney, we can expect plenty of shops, but the most prominent one that they have talked about so far is a trading post. Trading is already a thing that happens near the Star Wars Launch Bay. The Jawas are often walking around and occasionally trade with some of the guests (if you have something that they are interested in) but as of yet the whole Jawa trading thing is kind of unofficial so it may be more prominent around the trading post.

Personally, I’m a bit more excited about Star Wars Land than I am about Pandora, but which one are you most hyped for? Let me know in the comments!


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